Cytrans® Granules  

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Rebuild the foundation of your patient's smile 

Cytrans® Granules is a synthetic bone graft material having a similar composition with inorganic component of human bone. Cytrans® Granules has an unique balance of bone formation and bone replacement which helps to keep the volume of regenerated bone for predictable outcome. Cytrans® Granules is free from animal derived materials so the patients do not need to be worried about disease transmission, such as BSE. 

Source: Prof. Ishikawa, Kyushu University, Japan 

Similar composition to natural bone 

Cytrans® Granules are composed of carbonate apatite, which is same as the inorganic component of human bone. Cytrans® Granules are chemically synthesized, without using animal derived materials; thus, eliminating the risk of animal-derived infections, such as prion disease transmission. 

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